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Eukarion Tales - Marcus & Eladen (Action-Rpg)

2011-05-13 14:30:38 by AgeOfGames

Age of Games Launches Action-RPG game " Eukarion Tales -Marcus & Eladen".

May 2011, the independent portal Age of Games is today publishing "Eukarion Tales - Marcus and Eladen".

Yes, after a long time working in the secret laboratory of the dark castle in Age of Games, a group of snooty intellectual minotaurs managed to finish this project and invites all fans of action-RPG to play online for free (PLAY IT NOW: http://www.ageofgames.net/en/games/euk arion-tales-series/eukarion-tales-2.ht ml).

"Eukarion Tales - Marcus and Eladen" is a game that is part of a series of Age of Games projects set in the adventurous continent of Eukarion, whose design has been inspired by medieval Europe and the tradition of fantasy fiction.

With this release, Age of Games creates a world of adventure where player feedback is the central element of many future developments.

Playing "Eukarion Tales - Marcus & Eladen " you will enter the magical atmosphere of the mystical forest and fight with powerful weapons, armor and spells to rid the world of darkness.

About "Eukarion Tales-Marcus & Eladen"

Title: "Eukarion Tales-Marcus & Eladen"
Genre: Action-Rpg
Numbers of Players: Single Player
Platform: Pc Online
Developer: Age of Games
Publisher: Age of Games
Release Date: May 2th 2011
Official Website: www.ageofgames.net

I was traveling to complete the training as a knight of the Absolute, but the voice of the sacred tree sounded in my mind. It showed me a vision of an elf who fought against Kaos. Maybe I could have ignored the call, but I did not. I left the main trail and found myself in a dark forest ...

Game Features

The game contains the following outstanding gameplay features:

Action-RPG game;

A new Rpg Battle System;

A deep and involving Storyline set in a world inspired by the European Middle Ages and enriched by the Fantasy narrative tradition;

Every Character has many characteristics and special abilities that you can manage and upgrade;

Powerful Spells;

Hordes of Different Enemies;

Hours and Hours of pure Hack'n Slash and RPG fun!

Eukarion Tales - Marcus & Eladen (Action-Rpg)


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2011-06-15 20:09:10

Have you ever considered that some people play flash games mostly due to the low system requirements (when compared to modern PC games) and general compatibility (the idea being you can run them on almost any computer with an internet connexion)? Truly, your game is quite good, but not well optimised at all. I am sure you will say, 'Get a better computer, lol'. The gameplay looks excellent, but the lag makes it unplayable for me. And why would I buy a new computer (something I currently cannot afford) just to play a flash game?

I have heard that playing some poorly optimised games offline does reduce the lag. Any chance of a downloadable version?

AgeOfGames responds:

We're thinking about a downloadable version.

Maybe in the next week we'll release something.

Stay tuned!


2011-06-18 07:52:53

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2011-07-03 17:28:41

That sounds splendid. I'll check your site to see. I liked the first Eukarion Tales, and I definitely want to give this one a try.


2012-05-29 19:48:33

The game looks amazing.